What time does IFGF Conference 2024 start?

Our first session starts at 8 AM (Western Indonesian Time).
You can start logging in 15 minutes before, though!

Can I watch IFGF Conference 2024 on YouTube?

No – you can watch it on our digital platform, via the link that will soon be sent to your email.
Log in credentials will also be included there!

Can I watch with my family, friends and/or group from one account?

You are welcome to!
Make sure you take a photo and tag us on the day, okay?

Is IFGF Conference 2024 aired live?

IFGF Conference 2024 is a hybrid event with live interaction and pre-recorded presentations.
If you are joining us online, we encourage you to leave a comment, prayer request, praise report, or a simple thumbs up emoji to make the atmosphere lively!

I have a prayer request / praise report. Who can I talk to during IFGF Conference 2024?

We’re here for you!
Please send us your prayer request and praise report via :
Instagram @ifgfconference
phone/WA: +62 859-4663-3636

If I have registered for a Masterclass, can I change my mind on Conference day?

Due to the availability of space, onsite participants cannot change the Masterclass selection on the spot.
However, you would be able to watch the other Masterclasses using the re-watch feature on our website after IFGF Conference 2024 is wrapped!

I have successfully logged in to the website, but I can’t seem to re-watch today’s events?

This year, the re-watch feature will be available after all events of IFGF Conference 2024 ends.
During Day 1 & Day 2 of IFGF Conference 2024, participants will only be able to watch the event in real-time. We hope that the participants can focus and be equipped according to the current day.
If you still have difficulties accessing the re-watch feature, feel free to contact us at email: We would love to help you!